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Probably the most conservative app on the music market.

A practical, effective tool for students and teachers.

The intonation problem

For some musicians and teachers, intonation is the first and last problem of a never-ending education!


From teachers who doubt themselves with some students, to students who are afraid of the uncomfortable situation in rehearsal, to professionals who fight for every cent of the "purity" of a fifth.

It doesn't matter whether it's a 16th-century conductor or a music school in 2022: intonation is the eternal theme!

  • You practice scales at home for hours, but in class, when your teacher is playing along, it suddenly sounds wrong?

  • You try it in a choir or orchestra but embarrassingly you play wrong without knowing how to do it better?

  • You could work on your intonation so much better if you could only play with better musicians?

  • But advanced ensembles don't want any uncertainties in the rehearsal?


Can an app solve this problem? no After all, it worked without it for centuries. But like a good running shoe for the athlete, an app can improve the conditions for practice, make training more attractive, and thus have a deep impact on the musician's ability and motivation.


Intonica is your digital intonation trainer.

Intonica is a playalong app that is fully dedicated to one topic: your intonation and thus your ear training. Ear training with your instrument in hand! This app does not spare you from practicing and not from the teacher. It is a method of practice for the student's self-study or the teacher's instruction.


With Intonica you slip into the role of an ensemble member, practice completing a four-part movement and can experience how good you would sound in "full contact" with chamber music. The exciting thing: It works for beginners as well as for advanced music students.

Exercise effectively.

Fast progress.

Free space for mistakes.

Real rehearsal feeling.

Learning from real musicians.

Practicing with role models.

More fun in the orchestra.

Harmonious sound.

Overcoming barriers to entry.

What the professionals say:

Photo: Bernd Schwarz


Photo: Irene Zandel

Prof. Stefan Hempel
Director of strings HMT
in Rostock - Violin

I consider the Intonica app to be very valuable from a pedagogical point of view. It is an ideal tool insofar as intonation becomes much more tangible and vivid in the context and can be learned much more quickly in a musically motivated way.


Photo: Bernd Schwarz

Michael Brzoska
Norddeutsche Philharmonie
& Teacher - Doublebass

Finally a way to look at the arrow instead of sitting by the tuner, the intonation as fresh and to enjoy living experience. As an instrumental teacher, I am very satisfied when the students notice the clean playing so directly.

Photo: Bernd Schwarz


Pierre-Alain Chamot 
WDR Sinfonieorchester
& Teacher - Violin

Intonation is a central topic in basic musical training. In addition, it accompanies us musicians throughout our lives. Intonica is therefore very helpful for practicing and experimenting!

Michael Brzoska_edited.jpg

Pierre-Alain Chamot 
WDR Sinfonieorchester
& Teacher - Violin

With Intonica I can train intonation very effectively in class. In addition, students finally have the opportunity to train intonation at home and play in an ensemble at the same time.

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How does Intonica work?


To the basic ​Principles of Practicing, especially with regard to intonation, doesn't change anything either.

Technical requirements:

Intonica runs in everyone Browser (web app). No installation or download required.

If possible, please connect speakers or headphones to the device.


What is intonation? 

"I hear my instrument, I hear the other's instrument... and then I shift the tone to the right spot."

(quote founding team)

Any tips?

1. Good intonation does not develop from playing with tuners.Intonica works purely auditory.In this way you train your judgment, which generally makes you more musical.

2. Take your time! Good intonation is not achieved by working through exercises like in a textbook.

come back every dayand take 5-10 minutes to work concentrated.

3. Take a little more time! Some of the challenges of learning music will make you progress quickly. Intonation is usually NOT one of them. It is the constant, at best daily short, but concentrated practice that brings you forward. For months and over and more.Always stay tuned!

4. Intonation is trained independently of a given level of difficulty.Playing a perfect fifth is just as difficult for the beginner as it is for the pro.Both have only one differently pronouncedfault tolerance.


train intonation

Intonation must be trained from the beginning and continuously. Make practicing with Intonica a daily part of your session.

leaf singing

If you delve deeper into your instrument, you will encounter this topic sooner or later. The motto here is: practice, practice!

recognize steps

You stop on a C during a fermata.
Is it a root? a third? A 
The app will show you the level if you wish!

sight reading

Playing a melody from sight is a challenge that can be practiced with Intonica in a motivating way for both beginners and advanced players.

Team behind Intonica


Martin Blum




double bass

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Paul Mattukat


backend & frontend


4th trumpet

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Simon Brzoska

managing directors



double bass

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Intonica is supported by the European Union and the European Social Fund.


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