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Intonica in music school

Apps in music lessons?

A hot topic. And that is completely understandable. After all, many providers advertise that students no longer need lessons because of the respective app.

"Save yourself expensive and boring music lessons. Become a professional in just a few hours with..."

However, at Intonica we believe in the interpersonal component of learning an instrument. To the motivating power of mentors. We know that musicality cannot be judged by artificial intelligence and that people like to learn from people, not machines. And yet we developed an app...

Intonica was developed by and with musicians and music teachers, always with the aim of accompanying the training and, despite the technology, always focusing on making music. It doesn't matter whether you're self-taught, have basic training or university courses. We would be very happy if we found our way into your teaching practice and if you let us know.

Benefits for Educators

Training the intonation is and remains an integral part of the lesson. Still, there are shortcomings that teachers report:

Students cannot practice voicing at home or alone very effectively. You have to compensate for this in class time and there is less time for other things...

Intonica was developed to make it easier to practice intonation in self-study with the aim of leaving more teaching time for other things.

A piano is often required to offer this polyphonic teaching content.

Not every music school is equipped with well-tuned pianos in all rooms. And not every teacher keeps fit at the piano. Lack of space, instruments that are out of tune, home visits - Intonica can help here.

Practice intoning in two voices...

... is part of teaching practice. Quite a few teachers have reported to us that they adapt to the "wrong" intonation of their students (headache avoidance strategy). Intonica is merciless and pain-resistant.

A quartet for your lessons / intonation training is varied

Performing exercises with a string, wind, or vocal quartet is far less dry and highly exciting. But what kind of teacher does a quartet have for every student in daily teaching? The teachers who work with Intonica.

More students?

Whether you like it or not, experience clearly shows:

Practicing and teaching with apps is seen as an incentive for some (potential) students to take classes. Precisely because the topic of intonation can lead to moments of frustration for many advanced players.

It is so time-consuming to familiarize yourself with software!

You understood Intonica faster than you can read this section.


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practice intonation. And then?

Practicing with Intonica can be coupled with many subject areas. If students have been playing the chorale for a long time, they develop listening habits that can be combined with other lesson content. As a teacher, you only have to address them...


What is a dominant and what is a fallacy? What is a fundamental and what is a leading tone? What does 4 voices mean, what are pure thirds. What is a genus, what is a form?


You don't necessarily have to read these things from textbooks. You can earn them.

Das sagen die Profis

Photo: Bernd Schwarz


Photo: Irene Zandel

Prof. Stefan Hempel
Director of strings HMT
in Rostock - Violin

"Die Intonica-App halte ich für pädagogisch sehr wertvoll. Sie ist insofern ein ideales Werkzeug, als dass Intonation ja im Kontext viel greifbarer und plastischer wird und sich spielenderweise auf einem musikalisch motivierten Weg sehr viel schneller erlernen lässt."


Photo: Bernd Schwarz

Michael Brzoska
Norddeutsche Philharmonie
& Teacher - Doublebass

"Endlich eine Möglichkeit, statt vom Stimmgerät sitzend, auf deren Pfeil zu schauen, das Intonieren als frisches und lebendiges Erlebnis zu genießen. Als ein Instrumentallehrer bin ich sehr zufrieden, wenn die SchülerInnen das saubere Spielen so unmittelbar wahrnehmbar mitbekommen."

Photo: Bernd Schwarz


Pierre-Alain Chamot 
WDR Sinfonieorchester
& Teacher - Violin

"Intonation ist ein zentrales Thema in der musikalischen Grundausbildung. Darüber hinaus begleitet es uns Musiker ein Leben lang. Intonica ist deshalb sehr hilfreich zum Üben und Experimentieren!"

Michael Brzoska_edited.jpg

Pierre-Alain Chamot 
WDR Sinfonieorchester
& Teacher - Violin

"Mit Intonica kann ich Intonation sehr effektiv im Unterricht trainieren. Außerdem haben Schüler endlich die Möglichkeit, auch zu Hause Intonation zu trainieren und gleichzeitig im Ensemble zu musizieren."

Intonica is a partner of:

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Are you interested in a cooperation or do you have any other questions for us? Then feel free to contact us via the contact form or by email.

Thanks very much!

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